Experience a new form of transportation today with a fold-up
electric scooter from i-Scoot. Cruise quietly through the
city, no smells, no petrol or oil, no pollution just enjoy
the fun and freedom of driving at very low cost.

Get more smileage! If you need to get around the city
fast, or even from city to city, our folding electric
scooters are the ideal solution. You can take them
on a train, into the office, in the boot of your car,
or even on your boat… the list goes on. If you'd
prefer to leave your scooter outside, just
remove the battery pack and re-charge
indoors, ready for your next journey.

Re-fuel with e-fuel - at home, work or at
a charging point for just a few pence. A real
alternative to moving around the city,
congestion busting, no road tax, no parking
problems – no sweat, just twist the
throttle and go!

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